SALUS Micro is an environmentally friendly microbiological soil treatment concentrate. Apart from the incorporation of nutrients and their mobility, it is also responsible for the breakdown of stem and root residues.


SALUS Micro soil conditioner contains several species of microorganisms and fungi, which, by virtue of their cellulose and lignin degradation ability, efficiently break down the stems and root residues left around after harvest.

They improve soil structure and provide significant amounts of nutrients to the soil, mainly nitrogen and potassium. They bind the nitrogen from the air, make phosphorus soluble and absorbable, and produce growth stimulators for the plant.

The solution contains Trichoderma fungus strains as well.

Why is the use of Natur Micro beneficial for…
…the farmer?…the plant?…the soil?
accelerates nutrient supplyincreases the effectiveness of pest management treatmentsdecreases leaching, enhances nutrient binding
reduces production costsreducing the chances of pathogens and infections survive the winterthereby improving the efficiency of nutrition uptake efficiency
improves soil qualityaccelerates growth and root colonizationreduces the acidizing and soil degrading effect of the fertilizer used

It is evident that, on the one hand, that we directly support the plant and, on the other hand, we generally assist in the regeneration and restoration of soil life.

How does it work?
it is responsible for supporting by phytohormones
stimulates the immune system of the plant
binds nitrogen
facilitates the exploration of phosphorus
improves soil structure
responsible for the decomposition of root and stem residues by means of cellulose and lignin degrading enzymes

Volumes and content of the product:

SALUS Micro is a liquid soil inoculant concentrate that is recommended to be applied in 2 (- 4) + 1 litre / ha dose.

From 2 (- 4) + 1-litre packs, 2 (- 4) litres of the component contain bacterial strains, while 1 litre of additive contains fungal strains helping and supplementing bacterial functions.

How to use SALUS Micro :

SALUS Micro can be used in all crops, both in traditional and ecologically controlled farming.

  • The two components should be mixed immediately before application (within up to 24 hours)
  • Natur Micro soil inoculant agent should be diluted with water


The concentrate, enriched with bacteria and fungi, is recommended to be sprayed with a field sprayer which provides immediate incorporation and then worked into the soil.

With field sprayer
For 1 hectare 2 + 1 litre of SALUS Micro inoculant mixed
to be applied after dissolving in at least 200 litres of water
working into the soil as soon as possible

Suggested conditions for application:

  • Spray in a windless period of time at a temperature of 10-20 ˚C during a period without strong sunshine.
  • The sprayed solution is advisable to be applied to damp ground. Rotate it into the soil as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours.
  • The effect of the preparation is best in the pH range of 5.5 to 7.0.

The amount of SALUS Micro inoculate per hectare can be increased by 1-2 liters for slightly acidic soil pH.

Shelf life:

In original, sealed packaging for 6 months.
Store in a dry, covered area at a temperature of up to 5 °C!

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