Elice Vaccine


Herb-based plant health-preserving biostimulator


ELICE VACCINE, for healthier plants.

  • Induces plant’s self-defense, predisposes plants against attack of various pathogens and abiotic stresses
  • High concentration in active ingredients, low dose for spraying
  • Increases yield and crop quality
  • Active ingredients are extracts of medicinal plants
  • Environment-friendly production technology
  • Unique composition based on both tradition and state-of-the-art biological knowledge
  • Long-lasting protection, that may be transmitted to further plant generations
  • Affects only the target pest and closely related organisms
  • Harmless for bees, birds and mammals
  • Applicable in Organic Agriculture
Elice Vakcina for 1 hectar

Herb-based plant health-preserving biostimulator             

In course of the composition of ELICE VACCINE the most recent findings were kept in mind in the field of plant pathology. Therefore, a brand-new approach has been applied to prevent plants against pathogens: The possible intervention points were identified in the defensive signalling network to prepare plants for stress situations like a pathogen attack. This phenomenon is very similar to immunization process in mammals (the vaccine stimulate the body’s own immune system to protect the person against subsequent infections).

Active ingredients of ELICE VACCINE are extracts of medicinal plants with no environmental impact. A green technology, Supercritical Fluid Extraction is used for production, using low or no amounts of organic solvent.

Elice Vakcina
Plant injection for health preserving

ELICE VACCINE – Practical guide

Mechanism of action

  • • Increases wax production and strengthens protective effects of other plant skin tissue structures
  • • Ensures harmonic incorporation of macro-, meso- and micro-elements
  • • Promotes nutrient incorporation in plant tissues
  • • Especially enhances plant nutrient use efficiency
  • • Definitely better and long lasting stress tolerance
  • • Semi-permeable and contact penetration into the plant


CropRecommended quantity (g/ha)Number of treatmentPhenological growth stage
Arable crops
Cereals202 – 3Before inflorescence emergence During flowering
Maize202Before flowering During fllowering
Legumes202 – 4During inflorescence emergence During flowering In the beginning of ripening
Potato202 – 4During tuber formation At the end of fruit and seed ripening (starch translocation)
Root vegetables203 – 6In rosette stage Then every 7 – 10 days
Brassica vegetables204 – 6In rosette stage At the beginning of head formation
Cucurbits204 – 10From the beginning of fruit development until harvesting
Paprika, tomato204 – 10From flowering util harvesting
Grape, fruits
Grape206 – 12During flowering (3-4 times) During development of fruits (2 times) Berries beginning to touch  (2 times) During ripening (2-4 times)
Pomes206 – 12During flowering (3-4 times) At the beginning of fruit development (2-3 times) From the first appearance of cultivar-specific colour until picking (4-6 times)
Drupes204 – 8During flowering (2-3 times) Before ripening (2-6 times)
Berries203 – 5During flowering (2-3 times) Before ripening (2-3 times)

Expected results

• Protection against harmful organisms and germs or infection mitigation (brown rot, gray mold and sucking pests)

Better wax quality on leaf and fruit. More compact crop.

• Reduction in specific water consumption, improvement of drought tolerance.

Favorable changes in composition, better plant metabolism.

• Increased quality and quantity of formed carbohydrates

• More stable and balanced crop size

• Better preservation, storability

• Better transportability of primeur vegetables

• Increased vitamin and mineral content

• Better taste and aroma profile

• Balanced fruit size of berries

• Better incorporation of micronutrients, stronger tissue masses.


Household-scale and industrial-scale packings

  • 1 g per vial for 40 l of spraying water
  • 10 g -20 g per vial for 400 l of spraying water
  • 0,1 kg per vial for 4000 l of spraying water.

Active substance of the product: extracts of medicinal plants

Shelf life 2 years

Withdrawal period: 0 days

Re-entry period: 0 days

Producer: RIMPH Botanicals

Research Institute for Medicinal Plants and Herbs Ltd.  

Luppa-szigeti St. 4. H-2011 Budakalász HUNGARY


Distributer:  Natur Salus kft.